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is a professional medical society whose members are dedicated to patients' safety and physician education in Asian cosmetic surgery and medicine.

KCCS Teaching Fellow

Montri Khammoonta, M.D. Thailand

KCCS encourage and enhance me to dare to perform any kind of cosmetic surgery by safety procedure and avoid unnecessary unpleasant outcome. KCCS teachers demonstrated me the excellence of modern technique, equipment and high standard of surgery even the less scar approach that Asian people don't want and poor result than Western people.

So far today I can confidentially approach, evaluate, choose the best technique and get good result to my patients.

Ling Ing Heong (Lenzo), M.D. Malaysia

KCCS extremely knowledgeable, teaching professors were radiating passion for this industry, lectures were engaging for maximum retention of information, helped us understand personal training from a hands-on perspective, and practical materials and practice forms were invaluable for efficient learning.

Yang Hung-Hsu, M.D. 


Possible hand-on opportunity besides from observing is very important and unique of this course. Through assisting professors or conducting operation under their supervision, many details of our technique can be corrected and refined one on one and step by step. After a course, I can easily get started at my own clinic without much hesitate or worries. Other training course usually have crowded attendees at one operation theater. Important information is easily negelected.


Journal of

Cosmetic Medicine

The Journal of Cosmetic Medicine (pISSN 2508-8831, eISSN 2586-0585) is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal published by Korean Society of Korean Cosmetic Surgery and medicine (KSKCS & KCCS).

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